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Well met! This will be a Skyrim blog first and foremost, but will probably include things from other fandoms of mine from time to time as well. Expect plenty of screenshots, mod and game talk, rants, headcanons, tidbits of stories, and the all-around silliness of a girly-girl gamer living in the states.

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So I’ve been trying to do some fantasy worldbuilding in my head off and on, trying to organize various thoughts about the races in my world. I’m trying to focus on the ones that appear the most in my stories,  which are typically humans and this race of dark-skinned elves with fur-tufted ears and tails (and possibly horns, their designs have gone through a few revisions over the years and it’s hard to settle). Since we more or less “know” what humans are, I’m trying to focus more on their place and role in the world more than anything else… but the fact that most other races in fantasy settings have, like, innate magical abilities or exagerated physical features, means that basically the most distinctive thing about humans is their remarkable lack of distinctive features. And, I don’t know, I just find this both hilarious and awesome at the same time.

They say wicked creatures prowl the road along this beautiful riverbank, but nobody has ever seen one.

I once asked a man why. He simply replied, ‘Because anyone who happens upon one is promptly eaten!’

But it is long since anyone has met such a fate.

For nowadays, people take another route, far away from the spooky old road.

Only we walk the old way now… travellers in crystal caravans.

-River Belle Path

Reblogging this because Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles was actually brought up to me recently by someone asking about my icon, and I just realized that their timing was the perfect excuse for a story!

When I first played Crystal Chronicles, I was really not impressed. It seemed really slow-pace, and everything just felt awkward and clunky. I stopped playing maybe a third of the way in, and didn’t look back at it for several years. Until, that is, one week where I was feeling really sick. Like, “I can barely get off the couch,” sick. I was wanting something to do, and on a whim, I decided to go and dig up my GameCube controller and FFCC disk and play the game on Wii. And… I loved it. And not just when I was ill, either, as I kept playing it for a while afterwards. The controls were still a litte awkward, but I picked it up fairly quickly, and while I did eventually stop before I finished the game due to a major difficulty spike towards the end, I really enjoyed playing it through. The music was fantastic, I liked the aesthetic of everything, and I thought the whole game had a lot of charm. These little stage introductions were by and away my favorite part of the game - I loved the storybook feel they provided, and it was interesting to get those little bits of lore and learn about the world as you traveled through it.

I only wish I could’ve found a video clip for this, rather than just reblogging a photoset; I’ve always thought narrator really made the atmosphere on these.

Quick apology if you guys have left me a comment or a message or something over the last week or so, and I haven’t gotten back to you yet… I’ve been working a lot this week and are now sick on top of it, so I haven’t had a lot of time or energy to do much. (Pretty much the stuff I’ve been posting for Saints Row is all I’ve been up to. XD) I’m gonna try to catch up on stuff next week, if I can.

In the meantime, happy Easter!

A game a day…

A game a day…

Current Boss-lady! I don’t have a name for her, but she’s been pretty fun to design. I don’t usually make a lot of Asian characters, and probably even fewer black or purple color schemes. (I feel like I might’ve overdone it a little bit, though, what with everything being the same colors. XD) I still kinda want to tweak her face to make her a little more Asian looking, maybe remove the scarring while I’m at it so the piercings have more impact, we’ll see. I’m calling her gang the, “Silk Road Steampunks” and it will have ninjas.

Still more Saint’s Row captioned antics. I think I’ll post up my Boss design a little later, try and mix up it up a little bit so I’m not just spamming you guys with stupid things. :p

A quick dump of some of my Saints Row antics last night, complete with captions.

And we have here a more accurate name for the Skyrim weight slider, according to most body mods.



Okay, I was not expecting the Star Wars crawl. Well played, game.

Okay, I was not expecting the Star Wars crawl. Well played, game.