@ Osthareane: <3

@ Mona: It’s not necessarily out-of-character for her, I don’t think; heck, she might even find tatts preferable because she wouldn’t have to worry about them washing off or getting smudged. More practical, that way. And since she’s proud of her heritage, she wouldn’t have any problems with the permanence of it, either. I guess when it comes down to it, it’s more an aesthetic debate than anything; cleaner lines and ornate detail VS weathering, and how cohesive it is with the rest of her design. Making it a paint gives me some leeway for changing it in the future, but makes me feel like I’d have to match her facepaint in color and style to keep everything organic. If it’s a tattoo, though, I feel like it allows for greater texture dissonance, as long as there’s still some sort of connection between the two.

@ Kye: That’s along the lines of what I was thinking… I’ll see if I can’t make myself a roughed-up version, like Mona said, maybe taking out some of the more ornate swirlies and extra lines; see how it looks, then. And if I can’t make a decent ‘rough’ version, well… it does help to make my decision. XD

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